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The Meridian Library District is commemorating its 100th year in the community! In revisiting the library's history, we've discovered an unconventional resident from the 1970s – Figaro, a black & white cat, who adopted the library in September 1976 and lived there for approximately four years. The Meridian History Center has diligently unraveled the mysteries surrounding Figaro, enabling us to reintroduce Figaro to the library, not just in memory. In honor of the centennial, the Foundation has created an exclusive Figaro Adoption Kit as a special centennial thank-you to our donors.

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new year, new mailing address!

As the Meridian Library Foundation grows, we are constantly reevaluating how to be more transparent, create more security, and improve the time we receive gifts and thank our donors.

Our new mailing address at the Post Office guarantees enhanced security and ensures prompt receipt of our mail. Please update our mailing address in your records, and if applicable, on any automated donation platforms:

Meridian Library Foundation
P.O. Box 1561
Meridian, ID 83680

Find out more about our viral bonfire campaign
The shirt that fully funded Orchard Park's Early Literacy & Sensory Installations!

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Purchase "Read Banned Books" shirts here
Purchase "Read Banned Children's Books" shirts here
Print a matching "Read Banned Books" bookmark here!

Please note: all orders are processed & shipped through Bonfire. Please reach out to Bonfire directly with questions regarding sizing, shipping, and any other order issues. They have excellent customer service!

Due to the unprecedented support of this campaign, our small nonprofit will not be able to send out an thank you letter to all campaign supporters. Please click on the link above to print your matching bookmark & view our thank you video & Orchard Park tour!

A local supporter shared a video on social media wearing our 2022 "Read Banned Books" shirt, and it ended up going viral creating an unprecedented wave of sales. We have received nearly $100,000 in donations from this campaign, and we're still receiving orders every day.

The Meridian Library Foundation is overwhelmed with gratitude from supporters locally, nationwide, and even in Canada, Australia, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, and Norway! It has been a difficult year for libraries, including our own; we truly believe the support of this one little campaign in Meridian, Idaho is a reflection of excellent library staff and services across the country, and a statement of support for our freedom to read.

Because of your incredible generosity, the Foundation has been able to FULLY FUND all the Early Literacy & Sensory Installations at Meridian Library's new Orchard Park location. This new library is dedicated to early literacy, and designed with accessibility in mind. Through the thoughtful & intentional design of this public space, thousands of youth and other patrons will be able to access a public library (maybe even for the first time) and feel like it was made for them.

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