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A night with the artists

A Night with the Artists is a unique and intimate opportunity for guests to share a meal with some of the nation’s most renowned children's book illustrators, including Matthew Cordell, Molly Idle, Angela Dominguez, Chad Otis, and Leslie Patricelli. This fundraiser event supports the Meridian Library District’s Children’s Book Festival—an exciting, free public event taking place on the same day from 10 am to 4 pm. This festival is designed to connect children and their families with fellow readers while providing opportunities to meet their favorite authors and illustrators, ultimately building a lifelong love of reading.

For more information and reservation link, visit supportmld.org/bookfest.

Figaro Adoption Kit

The Meridian Library District is commemorating its 100th year in the community! In revisiting the library's history, we've discovered an unconventional resident from the 1970s – Figaro, a black & white cat, who adopted the library in September 1976 and lived there for approximately four years. The Meridian History Center has diligently unraveled the mysteries surrounding Figaro, enabling us to reintroduce Figaro to the library, not just in memory. In honor of the centennial, the Foundation has created an exclusive Figaro Adoption Kit as a thank-you to our donors. 

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As the Meridian Library Foundation grows, we are constantly reevaluating how to be more transparent, create more security, and improve the time we receive gifts and thank our donors.

Our new mailing address at the Post Office guarantees enhanced security and ensures prompt receipt of our mail. Please update our mailing address in your records, and if applicable, on any automated donation platforms:

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