foundation SNACK DRIVE

The Meridian Library Foundation will be hosting snack drives throughout the 2022-2023 school year to support the efforts of the Meridian Library District to alleviate childhood hunger. All snacks collected during our Snack Drives will be provided to youth using the Bookmobile Food Pantry in low-income communities, and middle & high school teens attending MASH (Meridian After School Hangout) at the Cherry Lane Library.

Items we will be collecting:
granola bars (any variety) greatest need
trail mix
fruit snacks
peanut butter crackers
cheese crackers
applesauce pouches or cups
individual fruit cups

All non-perishable snacks need to be pre-packaged individual servings.



MLD's Bookmobile provides nutritious snacks at low-income housing Bookmobile stops. Many children are reliant upon these healthy afternoon snacks so they don't go hungry.

In addition to these snacks, the Bookmobile offers "Pantry Baskets" filled with personal hygiene items, and take home food. Whitney, Outreach Community Specialist, shared "At one of our stops, we have several kids ages ranging from 5-17 come on to get books and most of them grab snacks and hygiene products. The kids have expressed more than once they are hungry, and some say there isn't much for dinner. I have also heard that the school lunches are not keeping them full either." 

With our community's support, the library can continue to provide after school snacks on the Bookmobile.


The Library's after school program, M.A.S.H. (Meridian After School Hangout) provides middle & high school teens a safe space to hand out with friends, socialize, work on homework, play games, and check out books.

Many of these students are picked up by parents later in the evening, so there is a large gap of time between when students have access to food at school lunch, and when they're able to have dinner at home. Snacks at the MASH program have had a huge impact on teens and provide the fuel they need to have a positive experience at the library.

This after school program averages 35 attendees per day, with totals of over 500 teens per month.

Meridian Middle School, located across the street from the Meridian Library on Cherry Lane, is a Title 1 school with over 25% of students qualifying for free and reduced lunch. 

"The youth who attend the MASH program at Cherry Lane Library are so grateful for the snacks donated by their community. Having a snack after school is necessary to get through the day. Knowing they can visit the library and have this need met makes it easier to enjoy their time at the library and be more successful in what is left to accomplish that day. Sharing food together is the beginning of building strong relationships, between youth and their peers who visit the library and between library staff who engage with the youth who attend the MASH program."
- Mary Flamino, Youth Services Supervisor

We thank the Meridian Library District for bridging the gap by providing resources (beyond books) to the children in our community, and thank YOU for your support of these programs!

additional upcoming snack drives:

April Drive is last for the 22-23 School Year

Check back in August for more dates!


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