The Meridian Library District is commemorating its 100th year in the community! In revisiting the library's history, we've discovered an unconventional resident from the 1970s – Figaro, a black & white cat, who adopted the library in September 1976 and lived there for approximately four years. The Meridian History Center has diligently unraveled the mysteries surrounding Figaro, enabling us to reintroduce Figaro to the library, not just in memory. In honor of the library's anniversary, the Foundation has created an exclusive Figaro Adoption Kit as a special centennial thank you to our donors*! When you make a suggested minimum donation of $50, you can take home Figaro, the Library cat.

What is in the adoption kit:
15" Stuffed Figaro
Exclusive "Figaro the Meridian Free Library Cat" Booklet
Certificate of Adoption
Custom "Paws Right Here" Bookmark
Custom Figaro Sticker
First 300 adoption kits receive a bonus Figaro Pen

With a suggested donation of $50, you will receive one (1) Figaro Adoption Kit as a thank-you for your gift.
You will receive an email when your kit is ready to be picked up from the Meridian Library at Cherry Lane, our Pick-Up Partner.

With an additional $10 donation, we will door-drop your kit at any Meridian address (83642 or 83646).

With an additional $15 donation, we will mail your kit to any address in the United States, however, the original donation must be made from an Idaho address. (If you live outside of Idaho and wish to donate to the Foundation, please contact so we may obtain the appropriate registration for your state.)

All donations will be used to purchase new youth books for the Meridian Library District.
Kits are now available...just in time for National Library Week!

*Only 500 centennial thank-you kits available

Please note: Sales tax has already been paid for the individual items included in our centennial thank-you gift. Your suggested donation goes directly toward supporting our cause. We deeply appreciate your generous support.


We'd like to extend our gratitude to the Digitization Technicians at the Meridian History Center for their efforts in uncovering and preserving these images and documents. Their work allows our community to learn from and appreciate this valuable historical content.

Idaho Statesman Article

"Readers Figure on Figaro; The Cat is a Bookworm"
Date unknown.

The Statesman features Figaro, who likes "Dr. Seuss and paper bags". Library patrons admit "I don't want any books today...I just came to see Figaro".

This article also indicates the library also was home to Dot & Dash, a pair of gerbils who had to be "locked in the men's room" after workers went home "to avoid any nocturnal harassment by Figaro".


June 3, 1977

Figaro writes Idaho Governor John V Evans a thank you letter and invites him to have a "purrfectly nice summer" before signing with his pawprint.


July 27, 1978

A child holds a sign with a drawn picture of Figaro


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