Meridian's growth has led to greater library utilization, and the current branches are inadequate with limited space. The primary goal of the Meridian Library Foundation is to raise funds to support the capital needs of the Meridian Library District. In doing so, we support the library's strategic goal to offer physical spaces that are welcoming, set the tone for excellence, and meet the diverse needs of Meridian.

The primary goal of the foundation is to raise funds that 

support the capital needs of the meridian library district

Meridian Library Foundation was founded in 2019 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to develop and encourage the long-term financial health and growth of the Meridian Library District with the purchase of land, construction of new buildings, and renovation/maintenance of current facilities.

Our Vision

The Meridian Library Foundation is a catalyst for creating a stronger community through investment in the Meridian Library District — where access to resources supporting literacy, work readiness and lifelong learning ensure equal opportunities for success. We raise funds to support the spaces that ignite curiosity & cultivate connections while honoring our patrons and donors.

Our Values

Access: Ensuring opportunities for all to access information, literacy, learning and innovative technology.

Community: Cultivating meaningful relationships in our community to partner with in advocacy and philanthropy.

Education: Creating spaces that promote lifelong learning, personal discovery and opportunities for all.

Integrity: Being responsible & transparent stewards of the community and the resources that are provided to us.

As a private nonprofit organization, the Foundation solicits private gifts from many sources, including those not available to a government-funded library. In addition, the Foundation will develop independent and prudent investment strategies to maximize each gift's long-term benefit to the library. Gifts are used to fund enhancements and improvements that the library could not otherwise afford through it's annual operating budget.
You can be an integral part of the library's future. For questions about giving opportunities, please contact the Executive Director, Eryn Turner at p. 208-888-4451 x1015 or eryn@supportmld.org



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