unBound Technology Library

Opening April 19, 2021 Photos by Meridian Library Foundation

Meridian Library District’s unBound branch will be a community resource for small businesses and entrepreneurs providing free access to innovative technology, meeting space, and classes. unBound is a public library branch focused on providing access to emerging technology, business workshops & technology classes.

How can you support the unBound project?

NEW  3D Printer 

Thanks to YOUR generous support, the Foundation was able to partially fund the purchase of a new Ultimaker 3D printer (remaining funding made possible through MLD's National Medal Award).

Impact and alignment with unBound focus:
  • Impact - Entrepreneurs & small businesses can produce prototypes or proof-of-concept models
  • Workforce Development - Improves user access to additive manufacturing & encourages development of product computer aided design skills
  • unBound Focus - Create resources for small businesses & entrepreneurs in our community to quickly test/prove/improve new ideas


In December 2019 the Meridian Library Foundation received a $3,000 grant from the Idaho Community Foundation through the Gladys E. Langroise Advised Fund for the purchase of a Podcast Studio, software, and 3 iPad Pros to be used to support local entrepreneurs, small business owners, and patrons seeking out the use of new technology. 

Thanks to the generous support of our community, the Foundation was able to add an additional $2,174 to the grant total to both fully fund the initial proposed project, and to fund the additional amount for an upgraded model of the RodeCaster Pro 4-Person Podcast Kit (with better microphones, mounts, and headphones). This new technology will be accessible to the public when the new unBound Technology Library opens in December 2020 (anticipated).



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